Welcome to Love & Erotica, a boudoir and couple’s erotic photography studio located in New Orleans, Louisiana.


Imagine looking at photos of yourself and saying

“Yes, my god Yes! This is so beautiful and I can’t believe that’s me!!”.

Imagine feeling like your photos illustrate a deep part of you that yearns to be seen and felt?
If you’re doing this for a partner, imagine that we’re creating images that call on your partner to feel and see you deeply. To feel moved by what he or she is seeing. To want and yearn for you through these images.

What I do at Love & Erotica is create stunning, timeless, beautiful images for clients who wish to see themselves in a beautiful sensuous light.

With a 10 year history as a boudoir photographer and with clients throughout the Southeast, I aim to create an experience you will never forget.

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