A Boudoir Session for one:

Love & Erotica boudoir sessions focus on creating stunning, provocative, cinematic images. Photos that will take your (and your partner’s) breath away.

When you are being photographed for a boudoir session, you will arrive and enjoy a glass of wine while your hair and make-up is done and we will discuss the clothing options that you brought with you.

Upon completing hair and make-up, we’ll then use the space that we’re in to create stunning images. I will direct all of the posing, my assistant will keep an eye on hair, make up and wardrobe to make sure everything is perfect. You won’t have to worry about knowing anything in advance. We’ll move throughout the room and use the furniture available and space that we have to work with.

Once we are finished shooting, we will take an hour break where I will review and select the best images. You will then come back to view them and make your selections.

In total, a Love & Erotica Session lasts around 5 hours.

A Love & Erotica Couples Session:

For couples who wish to see the beauty and depth of their sensual connection and passion illustrated, I offer couples erotic sessions.

When you look through the gallery, you can see what this looks like. I focus on the passion between you and your partner, and I photograph moments that are beautiful, sensual, and let’s be honest, purely hot and sexy.

These sessions are based on your comfort level and what you are interested in seeing. The most frequent question I get is “How far can we go?” and the reality is that I have created these sessions to explore connection. There really isn’t a limit. The limit is your own comfort lines.

A couples session is similar to a boudoir session in that the session lasts around 5 hours. The first hour is when she will have her hair and makeup done, and we will discuss the wardrobe options that you brought with you. After hair and makeup is complete, I will have you both get into your first outfits and we will begin.

Imagine that I am a director. You two are the actors. This is how a session plays out. I will have different “moments” unfold. I will direct different actions to elicit real responses from the two of you. This way what I am photographing is real. I want genuine love, laughter, passion, lip biting excitement. To get this, it’s not an act. Keep in mind, I will direct what’s going to happen, so acting skills are unnecessary. All that is needed are two partners who are open to explore this kind of experience together.

Once we have shot the photos, which usually takes an hour or an hour and a half, we’ll take a break. During this time, I select photos, make basic edits and prepare for your return. When you return you will see the photos we’ve shot and you’ll be able to make selections.