What do the sessions include and how much do they cost?

All of the sessions include professional hair and make up styling, 1-2 hours of photography with pose coaching and direction and an in-person viewing meeting immediately following your session for you to see and choose your photos and products. Products are priced separately with prints starting at $80 and photo books (our most popular products) starting at $1000.

For Boudoir Sessions my session fee is $450. The fee includes professional hair and makeup, as well as the 5 hour session. Boudoir Sessions take place in a studio environment in New Orleans, unless otherwise discussed. I have photographed in homes as well as in hotel rooms as well. I am happy to work with you on creating the session of your dreams!

For Couples Erotic sessions my session fee is $800. Our sessions take place in homes or luxury hotels in New Orleans, Louisiana.

I am available for travel internationally and have photographed sessions throughout the Southeast. Details for a destination session can be discussed.

Clients typically spend between $1800-$3200 on the session AND final products. I do accept payment plans.

What should I wear?

I always suggest you bring 3 options. What this means is maybe you’re going to shoot in a t-shirt and underwear. Maybe you have a set of lingerie you want to wear. Maybe you want to shoot nude. There’s no right answer to this question, it’s about you. Are you more casual in your daily life? Jeans and a t-shirt can be photographed in a really provocative way.

I like to think about wardrobe in terms of layers and playfulness. Can you play with the item? Take it off in a way that looks good? Could it be falling off your shoulder? Is it sheer?

Even a pencil skirt and button down shirt that fits can be stunning. If you have questions about wardrobe, let’s discuss this so I can get to know you and make personalized recommendations.

How long are sessions?

Sessions last 5 hours. 1 hour in hair and makeup. 1-1.5 hours shooting the photos. An hour break and then the photo reveal where you see your photos and make your selections. This all happens in one day.

Who is present during a session?

During all sessions, I (Max, the photographer) as well as my assistant and make up artist, are present. My role is to photograph, her role is to keep an eye on hair, makeup and wardrobe during the session.

Are these photos private?

All of the photos I take remain fully private unless you give me permission to use them on this website. I edit all photos and store them on a computer that is not connected to the internet, so there is no chance of them being accessed.

Is nudity required?

No! Before your session we will discuss your comfort level. An entire boudoir session can take place clothed, or in lingerie. Nudity is not required. I typically gauge comfort with this scale. (covered, implied nude, nude, tasteful erotic).